• Want to help boost your child’s confidence?

  • Want to help boost your child’s confidence?

    Most people feel more confident when they have achieved something, however often they do not feel that confident until after they have done it. So leading up to the event they may feel nervous and unsure. The more an activity is practised and done the better the person feels and more confident they become. This confidence can then be transferred into other areas of their lives.

    Children can often be quiet and shy when they first appear in our academy, however after repetition and continually returning to participate in classes, they get used to mixing with other children and they build up their trust in new surrounding and their confidence starts to grow.

    By learning new skills and being able to show their parents what they can now do also makes them feel good. When people feel good they naturally become more confident.

    We encourage parents to bring their children along to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for free, we will provide a uniform for the taster class and parents can sit in comfort in our cafe which overlooks the dojo so they can see what their children are learning.

    You can contact us by emailing: dojo@desouza.tv to arrange a best day for your free class or simply type in the comments below: ‘kids class’ and we will contact you to arrange your free class.